The first quarter started well for OKFC with some great link up play between lee Parker and paul Bailey on the right creating lots of openings for matt and scott up front. The back line of scott and David, Alvey and lee were solid and well organized with Darren communicating well with you all. Joel and pete in midfield were getting time and space to pick passes and soon OKFC got the goals they deserved.

2nd quarter OKFC made a full team of changes but still kept up the pressure, we looked solid at the back after getting up to the speed of the game. Okfc had plenty of chances and at half time were 6 0 up.

3rd a very poor quarter after the good showing so far, menhear came out more organised and meaning business, they changed formation and OKFC got over run in midfield exposing the defensive. Menhear loaded up on their right wing and even got a consolation goal for their hard work. They could have had more if it wasnt for Darren who was outstanding in goal. After OKFC got organised we started to get more of a hold of the game again.

4th quarter with a more robust midfield we got back on top but missed a few chances. The game finished 9 1 with messi getting his goal set up by joel who was on a hat trick. The game was a learning curve as when OKFC played football we looked good with a solid back line and good link up play from the full backs. Strikers looked sharp and mobile but simple football is the way forward. One incident noted a certain John Alvey tried to score from 40 yards.


Date Time Full Time
25/04/2021 6:00 pm 90'


Lancashire FA
King Street, Turpin Green, South Ribble, Lancashire, North West England, England, PR25 2NP, United Kingdom


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Old Knackers Football Club6410Win

Old Knackers Football Club

3Paul Griffiths (Captain) Midfielder
4Paul Bailey Midfielder
5Scott Shaw Defender
10Scott Messi Forward
12Lee Parker Midfielder
24John Alvey Defender