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Player List

1Lee ManganOld Knackers Football ClubMidfielder
2Sam WordenOld Knackers Football ClubDefender
3Andrew SidgreavesOld Knackers Football ClubForward
4Ryan EkinsOld Knackers Football Club
5Alan Robinson-Midfielder
6Carl Ratcliffe-Midfielder
7Craig Thompson-Defender, Midfielder
8Wes Thompson-Defender, Midfielder
9Graham Smith-
10Paul Griffiths (Captain)Gaffer’s GangMidfielder
11Paul Bailey-Midfielder
12Scott Shaw-Defender, Midfielder
13Mick Moses-Forward, Midfielder
14Phil HeysGaffer’s GangMidfielder
15Sean O’Doherty (Captain)Gaffer’s GangDefender
16Scott MessiGaffer’s GangForward
17Neil Procter-Defender
18Lee ParkerGaffer’s GangMidfielder
19Paul Stokoe-Defender, Goalkeeper
20Yanny TsimboykasGaffer’s GangDefender
21Sam Arthur-Forward, Goalkeeper
22Wayne Ormerod-Striker
23Jon Murphy-Forward, Midfielder
24Chris Cottle-Midfielder
25John AlveyGaffer’s GangDefender, Midfielder
26Paul Hollowood-Forward
27Chris Auld-Midfielder
28Adam Clitheroe-Midfielder
29Ryan Peacock-Midfielder
30Ian Kay-Defender